SPUG: p0fq.pl and pack

Vincent Li mcli at brc.ubc.ca
Mon Feb 19 15:41:10 PST 2007

Hello all:

I posted the same question on perlmonks.org, but haven't found a working
solution, so I try my luck here.

I have Mac running OS X/Yellow Dog Linux and PC running Linux.
If I run p0f http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/p0f.shtml on Mac OS X or Yellow
dog Linux on Power Mac G5 as:

p0f -Q /var/run/p0f.sock -0 'dst port 80' >>/dev/null &

and run ./p0fq.pl /var/run/p0f.sock src_host 0 dst_host 80

I get "P0f did not honor our query."

the p0fq.pl works fine If I run on x86 machine.

My question is whether this problem is caused by the use of pack function
of script p0fq.pl because Mac is big endian and PC is little endian, could
anyone recommend a working solution? the p0fq.pl script is as following:

use strict;
use IO::Socket;
use Net::IP;

my $QUERY_MAGIC = 0x0defaced;

die "usage: p0fq.pl p0f_socket src_ip src_port dst_ip dst_port"
  unless $#ARGV == 4;

# Convert the IPs and pack the request message
my $src = new Net::IP ($ARGV[1]) or die (Net::IP::Error());
my $dst = new Net::IP ($ARGV[3]) or die (Net::IP::Error());
print "$ARGV[1]\n";
my $query = pack("L L L N N S S", $QUERY_MAGIC, $QTYPE_FINGERPRINT, 0x
                 $src->intip(), $dst->intip(), $ARGV[2], $ARGV[4]);

# Open the connection to p0f
my $sock = new IO::Socket::UNIX (Peer => $ARGV[0],
                                 Type => SOCK_STREAM);
die "Could not create socket: $!\n" unless $sock;

# Ask p0f
print $sock $query;
my $response = <$sock>;
close $sock;

# Extract the response from p0f
my ($magic, $id, $type, $genre, $detail, $dist, $link, $tos, $fw,
    $nat, $real, $score, $mflags, $uptime) =
  unpack ("L L C Z20 Z40 c Z30 Z30 C C C s S N", $response);
die "Bad response magic.\n" if $magic != $QUERY_MAGIC;
die "P0f did not honor our query.\n" if $type == 1;
die "This connection is not (no longer?) in the cache.\n" if $type ==

# Display result
print "Genre    : " . $genre . "\n";
print "Details  : " . $detail . "\n";
print "Distance : " . $dist . " hops\n";
print "Link     : " . $link . "\n";
print "Uptime   : " . $uptime . " hrs\n";

Vincent Li

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