SPUG: February is Web Design and Development Month at O'Reilly

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Wed Feb 7 12:33:01 PST 2007

The following is from the O'Reilly folks:

It's Web Design and Development Month here at O'Reilly and we just put
together a special resource page dedicated to web development essentials
including books, PDF Short Cuts, articles, and author events:


Don't forget your members can receive 35% off any of these titles when
they use discount code DSUG on our site. There's also free ground
shipping in the US on orders over $29.95.

my $comments = q{
    Is this over the line for the SPUG list? I ususally refrain from
    passing along this kind of information if it's not brimming with
    Perl goodness. And this one certainly isn't. But I figured it was
    short and almost relavent. Let me know if this invokes a strong
    reaction. Thanks. -Andy

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