SPUG: Google is hiring Perl folks? - request for introduction

Nicholas Melnick nick-list at dytara.com
Sat Dec 29 00:07:09 PST 2007

They want people who have a solid understanding of development theory  
and design. They will take you in as a Perl developer and immediately  
move you to Python or Java. They are a very anti-Perl shop, from what  
I've been able to gather from employees and through interviews. If  
anyone has other information to the contrary, please let us know!

  - Nick

On Dec 27, 2007, at 8:08 AM, Michael R. Wolf wrote:

> A Google Ad at Perlcast.com states:
>    "Google Seattle is Hiring people with solid scripting skills in  
> Perl."
> I'm looking for a contact at Google with Perl skills.  If you know  
> someone,
> could you make an introduction?
> Even if they don't have Perl skills, I'd appreciate an introduction to
> anyone at Google, as that contact may help lead to others.
> Please contact me off the list if you could provide an introduction to
> someone at Google.
> A googol of thanks...
> Michael
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