SPUG: DBD::mysql errors with mysql_config [was: Some modules won't install gcc error]

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Mon Dec 3 19:23:06 PST 2007

> Well it looks like I spoke too soon.

Perhaps you spoke at the right time!!!

This thread has helped me a bit, as I just tried (without success) to
install DBD::mysql.  I get the same problem, but I don't even have a
mysql_config file.  

I don't remember ever having problems with DBD::mysql before, though it's
been a while since I tried.  I've had a version of MySQL installed for about
2 years on my laptop.  Is mysql_config something new?  Relatively new?  I'm
not much of a DB internals guy, so I don't know.  Is it at all related to
MySQL::Config modlule?

I'm currently using Wamp5 distribution that gets me LAMP for Win32.  There
is no mysql_config under c:/wamp/mysql/bin.  Since "Wamp Server 2.0" was
released within the month, I'm reluctant to install it.  I'm not a
bleeding-edge user.  I don't want the x.0 problems to bite me, especially
since Wamp Server 2.0 cannot be installed on top of Wamp5.

Another clue...  I found a thread (without resolution) at

Still looking for ideas...

Michael R. Wolf
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