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(For anybody else in the dark like me, here's an article that explains the
term FLOSS


On 4/13/07, Ann Barcomb <ann at domaintje.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> As a few people on this list already know, I will be moving to Seattle
> this autumn to attend grad school at UW.  I hope to become a mildly evil
> technically competent manager.
> Once I'm in the area I'll probably start to join the meetings, but I
> thought
> I would already say hi.  I guess that I already know some of you from
> YAPCs or OSCONs, but for people whom I haven't met, a short summary: my
> name is Ann (I sometimes use the nick Kudra), and I currently live in
> the Netherlands.  I worked as a programmer for a while, although I've
> spent the last few months writing documentation.  I've been involved in
> some conference/hackathon organization in Europe, and write Perl 6
> summaries
> when I have time (and now you know why I no longer have time to do them).
> I'm looking for a bit of help with something I'm hoping to organize in
> Seattle.  First, a bit of background:
> One thing I noted about UW's MBA program is that although it is much more
> relaxed about FLOSS software than many other schools I looked at (for
> instance, I can use any software I like, as long as I can get the work
> done), it is naturally affected by its proximity to Microsoft.  From what
> I understand from speaking with some FLOSS advocates currently in the
> program, Microsoft contributes quite a few speakers to the program.
> Therefore, I would like to arrange a lecture series which could bring in
> business people who support FLOSS.  I am thinking both of companies which
> sell support services or distributions, as well as companies which create
> conferences or books.  Ideally, the speakers would be business people who
> have turned to FLOSS, rather than people who are developers foremost, as
> my intention is to expose the less technical students to other business
> possibilities involving technology.  I would like to make the lectures
> open to the public, however.
> I hope that I will be able to work with the MBA technology club on this,
> in order to get a public space for the lectures, but I could also use
> some help from anyone in the larger FLOSS community who has an interest
> in this goal.  Specifically, I could use assistance in securing funding
> (I really do not know where to seek donations in Seattle) and in making
> contacts with potential speakers.
> If the idea interests you, drop me a note.
> - Ann
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