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Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Mon Apr 9 18:26:52 PDT 2007

I just got an announcement from Jon Bach at Quardev for an upcoming testing
conference.  (Sorry I couldn't forward it - something in the announcement
caused a problem.).


Quardev, a local testing company.  Quardev moved into the space Geospiza
used to occupy when they hosted the SPUG meetings.  Quardev is very active
in testing, and also sponsors what the WSA used to call the QA SIG, but is
now called something else since Quardev took it over.





CAST 2007 - "Testing Techniques, Innovations and Applications"

The second annual Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST)
will be 3 days of interactive learning and discussion on the theme of
"Testing TEchniques: Innovations & Applications, in the Meydenbauer Center,
Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Day One (July 9, 2007): Keynotes, Session Tracks, Exhibits Day Two (July 10,
2007): Keynotes, Session Tracks, Exhibits Day Three (July 11, 2007):


The primary mission of CAST 2007 is to help build an active community of
software testing scholars, practitioners and learners, and influence the
software testing practice through discussions among members of this



I figured there would be enough QA, XP, and TDD folks on this list that it
would be appropriate to cross-post.




P.S.  I'm just the messenger.  Please direct further questions to the
contacts on the site, or Jon Bach, the Quardev contact (jons at quardev.com).



%expansion_of = ( 

  QA => "Quality Assurance",

  XP => "eXtreme Programming",

  TDD => "Test-driven Design",


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