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Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Wed Sep 20 21:59:49 PDT 2006

Hey I worked for a company named Blueridge, now Mindwrap. I have no continuing 
business relationship with them (altho' I know their sekret namez and can 
talk to them).

I am not going to belabour the fun places I visited while working for 
Blueridge (now Mindwrap), but we had a TCP based client-server document 
management (with redacts)/workflow system back in '95-'96. In fact I still 
have a crufty but people will not let it die page about workflow management 
from those times here: http://www.inwa.net/~m3047/wf-selection.html

I'm happy for you I guess.. but something is missing in this charming 
narrative. I have some guesses about what's missing. Happy to talk about it, 
but maybe not on the SPUG list. Some kind of political forum might be more 
appropriate... or a beer in a quiet location.

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 16:13, Martin Knowles wrote:
> [...]
> Our ground-breaking
> technology offers a proven solution that enables an organization's
> geographically dispersed users to instantly access centralized knowledge
> from a living database that includes complex, changing information.
> Historically, the complexity of changing, updating and auditing operational
> and process-based information made it virtually impossible to guarantee
> data integrity and quality standards. Because tools weren't available to
> solve this problem securely and efficiently, new software was pioneered in
> partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The result is the first
> living repository for thousands of documents, contracts and procedures. A
> living repository enables an organization to manage the complete lifecycle
> of information. Companies dealing with government regulation, shared
> quality standards and constant process changes are demanding advanced
> information management capabilities to ensure that their information is
> accurate and auditable in order to mitigate regulatory and compliance
> exposure and keep staff informed.


Fred Morris
zabba-dabba-doo at this.is.not.the.right.address

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