SPUG: Quick/dirty CSV for input to Mac spreadsheet

Mike Schuh schuh at farmdale.com
Wed Oct 25 17:28:04 PDT 2006

>Michael R. Wolf wrote:
>> CPAN search for CSV is overwhelming.  I just want to output some data (that
>> contains commas) in a comma-separated format so that  someone can import it
>> into a Mac excel-look-alike.

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Miles Crawford wrote:

>I'm a big fan of Text::CSV_XS
>We use it to produce SPSS-compatible data.

Or just write Excel directly:


I've used it many times, including CGI scripts (running on HP-UX) that
allow users to download "a database").  Yeah, you wanted CSV, OK ...

Mike Schuh - Seattle, Washington USA

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