SPUG: audreyt video -- can it be CC licensed?

Eric Hanchrow offby1 at blarg.net
Thu Nov 23 23:02:43 PST 2006

She'd like a copy.

[10:54 PM]<offby1> audreyt: saw your talk at Amazon from last month.  Enthralling
[10:55 PM]<audreyt> video? or you were there?
          <offby1> video
          <offby1> bootlegged :-)
[10:56 PM]<audreyt> oooh. want!
          <audreyt> upload it somewhere? I hear video uploading sites are plenty these days
[10:57 PM]<offby1> I got the impression that it wasn't supposed to be broadcast, so ...
          <audreyt> I certainly would like it to be broadcast...
          <audreyt> offby1: maybe ask @amazon.com source to see if I can make it available under
                    CC license?

There you have it.

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would make him physically ill to think of programming in C++.
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