SPUG: Meeting Announcement -- 21 November 2006

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Mon Nov 20 16:50:54 PST 2006

I bent my 5-week, cross-country training schedule to attended the Chicago
Hackathon weekend earlier this month where I worked on Perl::Critic.  (It's
great to be home, and to attend local meetings in person!!!)

I can give an ad-hoc status report of the hackathon and the package tomorrow

I'm also interested in having a Northwest Hackathon, and have started
talking it up.  It seems that Ballard (and its outlying suburbs of Seattle,
WA, Portland, OR, and Vancouver, BC) have become hotbeds of Open Source
development, notably the Perl-ish variety.  If you're interested in helping
to make a local hack-a-thon happen, show up tomorrow for an informal

I'll post more details as the Northwest Hackathon comes to life.

Enjoy, play, learn, play, hack,

P.S.  You can learn more about the hackathon at the static page and the

  Chicago Perl Hackathon: Nov 10-12, 2006, Crystal Lake, IL

  Hackathon Chicago, Nov 10-12, 2006 / Hackathon Chicago, Nov 10-12, 2006

Michael R. Wolf
    All mammals learn by playing!
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