SPUG: Slice of HashOfHash

DeRykus, Charles E charles.e.derykus at boeing.com
Mon Nov 20 06:22:36 PST 2006


>> Did you perhaps mean  the proposed ?? (hook-hook operator) rather
>> // ... ?

>I suspect he means dor (//): defined or.  In 5.10 you'll be able to

>	$a //= 0;

>which will be the same as writing:

>	$a = ( defined $a ? $a : 0);

>I don't believe this is available in the 5.8 branch, but it's there for
some of the 5.9 
>bleedperls.  The English version of this will be "dor" (and possibly
"err" as well) and 
>like "or" will have a lower precedence than //.

>Of course, we need to wait until 5.10 first and some of this will
require "use feature 
> qw(...)";

> What's "??" ?

'??' = '//' (hook-hook was the "dor" symbol for many moons.. but
got a final hook)

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