SPUG: request for speakers

jerry gay jerry.gay at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 12:14:17 PST 2006

hey all!

we had a great summer full of meetings, much of it due to behind the
scenes work in order to get speakers. well, that's changing, as
seattle's a much less attractive travel destination this time of year.
also, i'd like to make sure seattle's perl mongers keep involved in
the community, and especially in our local group. so, i'm making a
public request for speakers.

i know i've spoken to some people individually about doing
presentations. please forgive me, but your names have slipped my mind.
whether i've spoken to you or not, i'd like to hear from some
volunteers for presentations (any length is fine, any topic is fine.)
we don't have anybody lined up for the foreseeable future, and i'd
like to change that quickly.

last month we had a discussion of what folks are working on, and what
topics they found interesting. i was introduced to some new ideas
there, and i think others were, too. i liked the informality, because
it encouraged folks who were maybe not prepared or willing to do a
formal presentation to share their ideas. so, i think in future
meetings we should consider spending some time (~1hr) on
presentations, and we can fill the remainder with news, events, and
freeform discussion.

so, this thread is also a place to collect ideas for discussion
topics. perhaps there'll be some speakers and some discussion topics
we can fit together nicely over the coming months. oh, and feel free
to take the initiative and modify the wiki.seattleperl.org with a
speaker registration page, or interesting topics page we can use in
the future.

please, speak up. spug would love to here from you.

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