SPUG: JOB: low-level tech/operations in lower Queen Anne

SPUG Jobs jobs-noreply at seattleperl.org
Mon May 22 12:51:09 PDT 2006

Kinesis CEM., LLC is looking for a low level technical/operations person
to fill a need here.

	The position would need a computer savvy person, with some
knowledge about databases, and as a bonus, knowledge of perl.  We have a
mixed Linux/Windows environment.  Our system is built on Perl, Apache and
PostgeSQL.  The work will be part technical, part not.

	To repeat, this is a low level position, similar to an internship.  
This would be a great opportunity for someone starting out in the computer
industry, or alternately, could grow into a project management position
for someone interested in market research.

	This would be a regular employee position, maybe part time, maybe
full time, on a temporary basis.  We're located in lower Queen Anne, two
blocks west of Key arena.  Telecommuting is unlikely.  We are a market
research company, focusing on surveys and mystery shopping.

	Interested applicants can contact Peter Darley at
pdarley at kinesis-cem.com

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