SPUG: summer meeting preview

Ingy dot Net ingy at ttul.org
Wed May 17 08:10:02 PDT 2006

FYI, A little birdy told me that Ingy döt Net will be living in Seattle
this summer, and could be coaxed into a Spug presentation. :)

Cheers, Ingy

On 17/05/06 06:48 -0700, jerry gay wrote:
> inspired by stas bekman's visit last summer, i've been working on some
> speakers to make this summer even better for seattle perl hackers.
> with two confirmed speakers already, and two tentative, this promises
> to be a great summer. below is an overview of what i've been able to
> plan so far. this can also be found on the spug wiki, which i will
> keep up to date as information changes (http://wiki.seattleperl.org/)
> ~jerry
> June 23 (Confirmed) -- Audrey Tang
> Audrey Tang is the creator of pugs, a Haskell-based Perl 6
> implementation. She will present Deploying Perl 6, which will be given
> again, just days later, at YAPC::NA.
> July (tentative) -- brian d foy
> brian d foy is the author of Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl, and the
> logical follow up and soon to be released tome, Mastering Perl. He has
> tentatively accepted an invitation to speak at SPUG in July, just
> before OSCON.
> August (Confirmed, date TBD) -- Mark Jason Dominus
> Mark is a well-respected perl hacker, a dynamic speaker, author of the
> highly-regarded Higher Order Perl, and is working on his next book,
> Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags. For his presentation, Mark
> will take some code SPUG gives him, refactor it, and present it to us,
> with lessons learned. Much thanks goes to whitepages.com for
> sponsoring Mark's visit.
> September (tentative) -- chromatic
> chromatic is a skilled perl hacker and editor at O'Reilly. He has
> tentatively accepted an invitation to speak at SPUG in September.
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