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Fri Mar 31 07:15:05 PST 2006

Northwest Cars and Trucks is looking for a Perl developer.

Project Summary

Helping to complete a content management system for a printed catalog.  
Most of the work has been done but we need someone who can help us to
finish it. The work left to be done deals with data validation, Perl
scripts, db tables, forms, and some others. More detail will be provided
at interview.

Existing site is uses a Perl template system with a Postgres backend on an
OSX Apache server.

Position Summary

We would like some on site work but not all of it has to be done in the
office. Compensation for this position can be arranged as a contract or as
a lump sum. There is a good possibility for more work in the future for
this project and others.

We are flexible, if you are an expert in King County we want to talk to

# Required skill-set

Intermediate to advanced level Perl programmer who is self-directed,
familiar with UNIX/Mac Jaguar Server, Apache, mod_perl, and Postgres.  
Familiarity with web apps highly preferred. Must be able to provide
accurate estimates for reaching project goals.

# contract or permanent position


# for contracts, expected duration and pay range

For the expert we are looking for, this project should take less than a
month. We have about 5k budgeted for this project. If you are an perl wiz
and you think you can do it in a short time, we can do this project as a
lump sum.

# placement through recruiter, or directly with company?

Directly with company.

# W-2 vs. 1099 status

Whatever works best for you. If this is on a project basis 1099 would
probably work best.

# any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.?

Not sure.

# physical location

Tukwila, Washington

# telecommuting possible?

Yes but we would like some face time.

# company's product or service (e.g., e-commerce, grocery shopping, nuclear weapons, pornography, etc.)

We publish a used car magazine.

If interested please contact:

Eric Tucker
Production Manager
White Light Publications
gfxmanager @ whitelightpubs.com

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