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Wed Mar 15 13:53:10 PST 2006

The Amazon Reversal Service (ARS) team is recruiting Perl developers to work
an key back-end service for Amazon.  ARS plays a key role in the handling of
returns and refunds for merchant orders and Amazon customer service
worldwide, and the service sits at a nexus between multiple key back-end
systems at Amazon, including fulfillment, ordering, payments, risk
management, and customer service.  This is a great opportunity to look
behind the curtain and learn about how Amazon works!

The ideal candidate will have 4+ years of software development experience,
at least 2 years in Perl, and knowledge of object-oriented Perl.  Knowledge
of XML, C++, and Amazon infrastructure (Linux, Oracle, BSF, Perforce) is
highly desirable.  A bachelors degree or better in CS and great
communication and team skills are required.


You can correspond with me (prbrown at amazon.com) directly.

For full-time positions, please send resume and cover letter.

For contract positions, please send resume and cover letter (including
expected hourly rates).

Thanks for reading.

Paul Brown (prbrown at amazon.com)
Senior Manager
Amazon Global Payments


And answers to specific questions from the SPUG website:

    * required skill-set

    OO Perl, XML, Oracle, and Amazon-specifics highly desirable

    * contract or permanent position

    Both available.

    * for contracts, expected duration and pay range

    3 months+ with pay commensurate to experience

    * for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other
incentive plans

    Incentive compensation is possible for FT positions.

    * placement through recruiter, or directly with company?

    Recruiters OK, but you're welcome to contact me directly.

    * W-2 vs. 1099 status

    W-2 preferred.

    * any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.?

    Yes.  Working with an individual as a W-2 short-term hire is preferred
to 1099, but I'll entertain 1099 under some circumstances.  (The rules are
complex and involve getting sign-off, so I can't state them succinctly.)

    * physical location

    Seattle, downtown (International District)

    * telecommuting possible?

    Yes, after initial spin-up

    * company's product or service (e.g., e-commerce, grocery shopping,
nuclear weapons, pornography, etc.)

    Surely you've heard of Amazon.com...

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