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This is a FTE job at The Boeing Company and can be found by going to the
job seeker page on www.boeing.com .  Here are the details of the job to
the best of my knowledge.  One of the criteria is that the position is
targeted for a recent college graduate (someone that received a college
degree within the past 2 years).
  I believe that the job req closes at the end of this week, so if you are
possibly interested, do not put off checking into this position.
  This job will involve working on mostly UNIX platforms (IBM/AIX), but
there is some interaction with Linux systems and of course some ActivePerl
work on the desktop.  You will be working with quite large XML files,
writing Perl programs to do analysis on the content of these files and
troubleshoot problems associated with the files.  The project is well
documented and you will be work in an environment where change is
controlled through ClearQuest change requests but the overhead associated
with approval of work is low.  The primary database is Oracle, but we also
have some interaction with SQLServer.  Another significant component of
the job is working with graphic files.  The two types of files are CGM
vector graphics and TIFF raster graphics.  The actual system software
(which is written in java) is developed off shore.  Your role is not to
develop project software but rather to perform analysis and develop tools
for the users of the system and the other analysts of the system to use.  
The vast majority of the work is in Puget Sound but there may be occasions
that require travel to Long Beach CA.
  Job Requisition # 05-1030430
   required skill-set:

  Knowledge of and experience with UNIX, Perl, SGML\XML, Oracle\SQL.
Knowledge of raster graphics (CGM) a plus. Knowledge of ClearQuest &
ClearCase a plus. Knowledge of the P+ and/or Macroscope methodologies.
Ability to use Microsoft tools, including MS Word, MS Excel, Visio, and MS
Project. Ability to communicate technical data to a varied audience.
Ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.
   contract or permanent position 

   for contracts, expected duration and pay range 

   for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other incentive plans 

  unsure, but I know that there is some sort of annual employee bonus
program based on company performance.
   placement through recruiter, or directly with company? 

  Direct through The Boeing Company, job seekers web site
   W-2 vs. 1099 status 

   any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.? 

   physical location 

  Building 11-14 Tukwila, WA (the Duwamish building just South of Boeing Access Road)
   telecommuting possible? 

  possible after initial training on project
   company's product or service (e.g., e-commerce, grocery shopping, nuclear weapons, pornography, etc.) 

  Commercial and military aerospace applications and business systems.
  More details:
  Job Requisition # 05-1030430
  Salary Range: I really don't know but I am guessing something in the
40K-50K range since it is a new college graduate position.
            Job Description:
      Apply common software lifecycle development knowledge to analyze
business systems requirements and to design related processes and
application improvements in support of the System for Publication of
Electrical\Electronic Data (SPEED). Coordinate with technical development
team, systems management personnel, and end users to conduct in-depth
technical analysis of in-production and legacy systems, develop and
document specifications, plan and schedule activities, prepare cost
estimates and business case analysis as required to support business
processes. Analyze complex application problems and document and present
solutions as required. Develop testing plans and procedures, proposals for
system improvement, and technical documentation. Knowledge of UNIX
scripting, Oracle\SQL, Mark-up Language (SGML\XML) Perl scripting, and
SEI\CMM principles and practices. Experience with P+ and\or Macroscope
    Prefer a bachelor's or master's degree in Information Systems or
Computer Science

Richard O. Wood
Wildwood IT Consultants, Inc.
wildwood_players at yahoo.com
425.281.1914 mobile
206.766.3748 desk

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