SPUG: Job announcement

Ryan Allen ryan at the-summit.net
Wed Mar 8 15:26:01 PST 2006


    I am a test engineer at a cool networking company in Seattle.  We
    are profitable, "cutting edge" and growing.  Currently, we have
    about 6 open positions in our group.  Scripting (PERL) skills,
    knowledge of IP/TCP networking, ability to troubleshoot, develop
    test plans and test cases, and Unix/Linux are a must. Anyone with
    strong skills in these areas, and the usual self starter, motivated
    and enthusiastic about this technology would do well here.  We are
    looking for more experienced folk, up to the Sr. level (I'd say that
    means 3-5 years similar experience a must, but will vary depending
    on the person).  If this sounds like you, send me your
    resume and I will funnel through the proper channels.  




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