SPUG: Meeting Announcement -- Audrey Tang -- 22 June 2006

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Mon Jun 12 14:00:08 PDT 2006

                June Twenty-second Twenty-second Twenty-second

        June 2006 Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG) Meeting
       Title: Deploying Perl 6
     Speaker: Audrey Tang

Meeting Date: Thursday, 22 June 2006
Meeting Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
    Location: Whitepages.com offices, downtown Seattle
        Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public
        Info: http://seattleperl.org/


Please join us Thursday (yes, I said THURSDAY) evening on 22 June 2006 at
the (otherwise) regular monthly meeting of the Seattle Perl Users Group.
This month we are very happy to have Audrey Tang as our guest to talk
about deploying Perl 6 today. Are you ready to get Perl 6 out the door?
Come find out how you can do it now with everyone's favorite postmodern
language. Perl, the language evolving so fast that you can write code
using tomorrow's technology yesterday.

We will not be meeting on Tuesday.

Thank you to our hosts at Whitepages.com for giving us a great place to
hold our meetings and presentations, to Jerry Gay for working out the
details of arranging for Audrey to meet with us, to the SPUG-Workers list
for picking up the loose pieces, to all the SPUG members that show up at
meetings or participate on the list to make the group worthwhile in the
first place, and all the JAPHs out there for just being.

See below for more information on...

    - Speaker Background
    - Presentation Description
    - Meeting Location

Speaker Background

Audrey Tang

Audrey Tang (formerly known as Autrijus) is a Taiwanese free software
programmer, best known for initiating and leading the Pugs project, a
joint effort from Haskell and Perl communities to implement the Perl 6

She is also known for internationalization and localization contributions
to several Free Software programs, including SVK, Kwiki, Request Tracker
and Slash, as well as heading Traditional Chinese translation efforts for
various Open Source-related books.

On the CPAN, Tang initiated over 100 Perl projects, including the
popular Perl Archive Toolkit (PAR), a cross-platform packaging and
deployment tool for Perl 5. She is also responsible for setting up
smoke test and digital signature systems for CPAN.

Tang is a high school dropout and a vocal proponent for autodidactism
and individualist anarchism.

Presentation Description

Deploying Perl 6

With the advent of v6.pm, we can write "use v6-pugs;", start coding in
Perl 6, and deploy it as part of a Perl 5 application, without any extra
dependencies such as Haskell, Parrot, or even C compilers.

This talk will discuss typical deployment scenarios, emphasizing on the
strength of Perl 6's deployment model:

  - Automatic dependency analysis, so upgrading CPAN modules will no
    longer break programs mysteriously.
  - Multiversioning, allowing the use of multiple versions of the same
    module on the system.
  - Module and function interfaces that enables more robust and self-
    documenting programs.
  - Cross-platform bytecode, resulting in faster loading time and cross-
    compilation opportunity to e.g. client-side JavaScript.

Moreover, we will present recipes for reusing Perl 5 modules in Perl 6
programs and vice versa.

Meeting Location

Whitepages.com is located on the 16th floor of the Rainier Square Tower
(1301 5th Avenue, Seattle) which is across from the 5th Avenue Theater.
See the directions[1] for a quick primer on how to reach us from various
locations across Puget Sound.

There are plenty of locations to park in the area, including on the
street. If you're looking for off-street parking, you can park in the
Rainier Square garage which has an entrance on Union St.

After 6PM, the building management restricts access to most floors. Our
host is trying to take care of this, but if unsuccessful, they will
station someone on the 1st floor near the elevator bank and 5th Avenue
entrance to let people in. Worst case scenario, give our host a call on
his cell phone[2] and he'll run down to let you in.

Our hosts are providing a generous assortment of free sodas, fruit drinks,
teas, and coffee, and also have some snacks. You definitely won't
dehydrate here.

We look forward to seeing you!

[1] - http://www.whitepagesinc.com/locations
[2] - (206) 354-7789

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