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Wed Jul 19 13:03:12 PDT 2006

We're looking for an experienced Perl developer to maintain and extend our
core Perl-based web-based compliance documentation management system and
related technologies.

You will: 

* Develop and maintain software in response to customer and market needs 
* Ensure high product quality through internal testing 
* Perform maintenance and enhancements to existing systems 
* Provide assistance and occasional consultation to users and support
  personnell in the deployment of customized solutions 
* Work with others to develop alternative system and software designs. 

You need: 

* Understanding and experience with web development languages and
  technologies including Perl, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, and CSS 
* Practical knowledge of Oracle, SQL Server, and/or other database systems 
* Familiarity with Web development and deployment technologies on Linux and
* Experience with and understanding of basic usability principles and
  interface design 
* Comfort with agile development methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Extreme
  Programming, etc.) 
* Proficiency with object-oriented (e.g. C++, Java) development; experience
  with object-functional languages (Lisp/CLOS, Scheme) and development
  techniques an asset 
* Experience with and understanding of AJAX technologies and Web Services in
* Familiarity with documentation, workflow, and compliance management
  systems and requirements useful 

About the position:

This is a permanent (W-2) position. We're an 8-person company located in
Redmond, and have been developing and deploying the Lucidoc system for 6
years. You'd be working in a small team with a mostly mature code framework
running on object-oriented Perl and Apache (mostly, though we do support
IIS), with interface code running in Perl-backed XML and JavaScript.

About us:

We are a privately held corporation, founded in 2000. Our ground-breaking
technology offers a proven solution that enables an organization's
geographically dispersed users to instantly access centralized knowledge
from a living database that includes complex, changing information.
Historically, the complexity of changing, updating and auditing operational
and process-based information made it virtually impossible to guarantee data
integrity and quality standards. Because tools weren't available to solve
this problem securely and efficiently, new software was pioneered in
partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The result is the first
living repository for thousands of documents, contracts and procedures. A
living repository enables an organization to manage the complete lifecycle
of information. Companies dealing with government regulation, shared quality
standards and constant process changes are demanding advanced information
management capabilities to ensure that their information is accurate and
auditable in order to mitigate regulatory and compliance exposure and keep
staff informed.

Feel free to contact me directly at mjk at lucidoc.com.


-= Martin Knowles, Director of Development - Lucidoc Corporation 
-= mjk at lucidoc.com - http://www.lucidoc.com/

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