SPUG: Perl Foundation Grants - Call for Proposals

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Mon Jul 10 15:38:41 PDT 2006

Andrew Sweger wrote:

> The Perl Foundation has not received many grant applications this year.
> Maybe you were not aware TPF has money to reward people doing work for the
> Perl community. Maybe you thought all the money goes to Damian Conway. It
> doesn't (at least, not any more). 

True! I haven't received TPF funding since late 2003. In fact nowadays I help 
raise money for TPF (and donate to it myself).

I'd definitely encourage anyone with a project that they think would benefit 
Perl to put in a proposal. And everyone else to join me in contributing to the 
TPF so that more worthy projects can be funded.

You don't have to be Damian to be working for the Perl community. TPF now 
accepts sane people too! ;-)


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