SPUG: Small Perl Job

Geoffrey Grosenbach boss at topfunky.com
Thu Jan 26 13:08:33 PST 2006

I need to hand off a project to another developer. It's written in  
Perl with Text::Template and a simple MVC framework I wrote a few  
years ago (plus MySQL).


It's a non-profit that helps people find low-cost and subsidized  
housing. Site updates are minimal, but the client has a list of  
improvements that she would like to have done.

Previous to 4 months ago when I last had time to work on the project,  
I was charging $30/hour and doing about 10 hours a month on it ($300/ 
month). It would be perfect for someone who wants a small side job,  
or a college student who wants a job with a minimal time commitment.

If anyone is interested in taking this over, shoot me an email.


Geoffrey Grosenbach
boss at topfunky.com

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