SPUG: JOB: Perl programmer needed for established shopping cart

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Wed Feb 1 10:32:14 PST 2006

[I'm tired of fixing submitter's lousy formatting. If this is preventing
qualified potential applicants (who tend to be very busy) from taking a
closer look, it's not my problem. :P -Editor (aka Andy)]

Perl programmer needed for established shopping cart

• required skill-set
	- Ready to hit the ground running.  This is an established e- 
commerce package that is currently selling.  Code is commented somewhat.

• contract or permanent position
	- Subcontracting will most likely work best, but we're open to  

• for contracts, expected duration and pay range
• for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other  
incentive plans
	1] Open to negotiation
	2] Flat fee to fix a list of 10 existing bugs
	3] Willing to set up a "partnership" of sorts and split revenues 60/40
	-- Must be willing to sign short-term non-compete contract

• placement through recruiter, or directly with company?
	- Directly

• any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.?
	- No

• physical location
	- No

• telecommuting possible?
	- Yes

• company's product or service
	- SurfShopPRO™ E-commerce shopping cart

	For more information, contact Frank Jance at
ssp.cart-info at SurfShopPRO.com

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