SPUG: December Meeting

Steve Baylis sbaylis at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 13:53:26 PST 2006

Unfortunately, you should all get this message a *lot*.  Colin can't post
due to power outages.  Tried to register a new account and got moderator
blocked.  I tried to send it for him from my work address which is
apparently moderator blocked.  I'm pretty sure this address is good to go.
So, with hopefully no further ado, please see the message below from Colin.


This coming Tuesday (12/19) is the scheduled date for our regular monthly

There is no speaker arranged for this month's meeting. Instead, like last
month, we can have a get together for chats and hacks.

Please respond if you will attend a meeting next Tuesday. If at least three
other people will attend, then I will host the meeting (at Whitepages, like

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