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Try this, after turning the perl scrit into a batch file do:
'rename script.bat script.cmd'

A cmd script is a batch scritpt; the only difference I am aware of is that 
Windows NT decided to use "cmd" for it's batch extensions when the command 
interpreter changed from 'command.exe' to 'cmd.exe'.

On 9/12/05, Michael R. Wolf <MichaelRWolf at att.net> wrote:
> I got this question from a recent student in one of the Perl classes I
> taught. Anyone ever heard of such a thing or have an idea other than a
> simple shell-like script that copies and fiddles with permissions?
> =====================================
> How do you convert a perl script with an extension of .pl into a Windows
> Command Script with an extension of .CMD?
> I know how to convert a perl script into a Windows Batch Script with 
> pl2bat
> but I can't seem to find a similar utility for .CMD files.
> There must be a way since a former vendor has done all of their Perl 
> scripts
> in this manner.
> Do you have any ideas?
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