SPUG: Future of SPUG?

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I've found a better resource for this than PowerMap, CommunityWalk
http://www.communitywalk.com, I've created an account as follows:
 user: spug
pass: spugger
 I've entered the addresses I have, if your address has been sent to the
list or was listed at
please log in and confirm your address. For anryone else, if you want
to add yourself, log in and go for it.

 On 10/20/05, Fred Morris <m3047 at inwa.net> wrote:
> Ken and Tim (and others) may recall that in the past I expressed opinions
> on the problems of assuring an orderly progression when the leadership
> mode
> is charismatic. That was not then, and is not now, to suggest that
> charismatic leadership doesn't have its place or is inherently "bad".
> I got frustrated with what passes for "politics" in these milieus (you
> want
> my help now, but you didn't want it then?), and with the
> inability/unwillingness of people to create effective spinoffs... so I
> moved on to real politics, and back to focusing on my own business.
> I should get together with Jay more often, since he lives right down the
> street. I like arguing about politics with him, too. ;-)
> --
> Fred Morris
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