SPUG: JOB: skilled perl programmer at IMDb.com, Seattle

SPUG Jobs jobs-noreply at seattleperl.org
Tue Oct 11 15:57:53 PDT 2005

It's a great job for the right person.

* required skill-set --
   batchelors, 3+ yrs, skilled perl programmer

* contract or permanent position -- 

* for contracts, expected duration and pay range -- 

* for permanent positions, availability of stock options, incentive plans --
   full benefits

* placement through recruiter, or directly with company? -- 
   must apply directly, no recruiters at this time.

* W-2 vs. 1099 status  -- 
   regular full time position

* any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.? --

* physical location --  
   seattle office (near downtown, rails/bus)

* telecommuting possible?  --  
   possibly, partially -- one or so days a week upper bound.

* company's product or service (e.g., e-commerce, grocery shopping,
  nuclear weapons, pornography, etc.)  -- 
   premier movies, tv, games website!

Apply at


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