SPUG: Sending HTML code using RPC

Chris Wilkes cwilkes-spug at ladro.com
Tue Oct 4 06:01:09 PDT 2005

On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 04:41:19PM -0700, Luis Medrano Zaldivar wrote:
> Hey Gang,
> I'm using "Frontier::Client" to make RPC call but I'm trying to send html
> code and I can sent it but the RPC server it takes out all the html code.
> For example:
> <param><value><string><h1>Hey this me</h1> </string></value> </param>
> The RPC server takes out all the <h1> and </h1>. Any idea why this is
> happening. Do I need to do something special so this can work?

Try encoding the < and > marks as
  < &lt;
  > &gt;
and see if that makes it through.  You could also try wrapping that
entire segment in a CDATA tag.

Keep in mind that you'll probably have to un-encode "&lt;h1&gt;" to
"<h1>" on the server side.


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