SPUG: Creating other "languages" from perl

Ingy dot Net ingy at ttul.org
Sun Nov 20 11:57:25 PST 2005

Have you seen my Test::Base module? It is basically a minilanguage for
defining tests.

On 19/11/05 13:20 -0800, Ryan Allen wrote:
> At my work I have created a new "language" per say out of perl for
> conducting automated tests.  It started out as a bunch of scripts, that
> slowly evolved into a high level test definition "language", that allows
> users to configure a machine, then pass traffic through the machine and
> get stats.
> Whats become a problem is, this "language" is not really a language at
> all.  It's a  script file that gets read by a large perl program, and
> the perl program does what the script tells it to do.  This has become
> very limiting.  I need to add more functionality to the script files
> like loops, counter variables, namespaces and perhaps subroutines.
> I've thought about simply using perl, and just creating many very high
> level helper objects and methods to make this easier.  However, I really
> don't want to do that for it goes against most of the design goals of
> this test scripting language.
> Are there perhaps any packages or modules that may make this more easy
> to implement?
> Has anybody out there done anything similar?  Perhaps we could brain
> meld? 
> Does anybody know of any resources or places to go for information for
> such tasks?
> Thanks for any input you have to offer,
>     - Ryan
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