SPUG: Way to reset CPAN shell mirrors list?

Jeremy Mates jmates at sial.org
Sun May 29 18:24:03 PDT 2005

* Ryan Kuykendall <ryank at drizzle.com>
> Is there a way to reset the list of mirrors used by the CPAN shell? I
> consistently get this behavior every time I try to install a perl
> module (this is on a new machine.) Is it as simple as just choosing a
> different set of mirrors?

>From the CPAN shell, use the 'o conf urllist', 'o conf urllist shift',
and 'o conf urllist push http://somenewmirror' commands. Or a 'o conf
init' to run through the initial setup. Or, find the CPAN/Config.pm file
(different if stashed under your home directory) and edit the list
directly there.

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