SPUG: Generic Client/Server building blocks

Brian Hatch bri at ifokr.org
Sun May 22 22:22:49 PDT 2005

I'm going to be writing two client/server apps in the
next few weeks that are pretty dead simple - log in,
send some parameters, get some data back, rince lather
repeat.  Totally different data and requirements.
One will probably require authentication, other won't.
One may provide different data depending on user

My first thoughts were to write some TCP protocol that's
SMTP-ish.  'helo / starttls / auth / get blah / etc'.
But then I thought that's just silly, and would be annoying
to those folks who need to write clients in non-perl code
because then I can't just hand them my module.

So I was thinking SOAP, because it's all the rage.  Got
me thinking "Soap::Transport::TCP or Soap::Transport::HTTP
would let me build the server", but didn't see an instant
way to have it use SSL in the server.  (Client code can
do SSL just fine.)

Anyone tried doing this sort of thing?  Pros/cons?  Or
should I just write YACP[1] ?

[1] Yet another custom protocol.
needs 'https' instead

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