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From: Mike Clark <mike at clarkware.com>

I wonder if you wouldn't mind forwarding an announcement to the Seattle 
Perl Users Groups regarding Pragmatic Studio: a workshop hosted by Dave 
Thomas, Andy Hunt (The Pragmatic Programmers), and myself on agile 
development practices.  We'll be coming to Seattle July 19-20.  I've 
attached an HTML flyer, and you can find more details at 



Seattle, WA
July 19-20, 2005

Learn directly from the Pragmatic Starter Kit authors:
Dave Thomas . Mike Clark . Andy Hunt

Early Registration Ends June 27th!

  Unit Testing . Version Control . Automation

    These are things we know we should do, just like eating our
    vegetables and going to the gym. But it's a rare project team that
    does all three, and an even rarer one that does them right.

    Everyone on your team--from technical leads to novice
    developers--will benefit by learning to write better software, and

Starter Kit <http://pragmaticprogrammer.com/starter_kit/index.html>

We wrote the Pragmatic Starter Kit books on foundational practices, and 
now we're taking our 70+ years of experience on the road, showing teams 
how to get the most from their tools. Pragmatic Studio is an 
*interactive workshop where your team learns good practices* while we 
build a project, effectively using the tools to:

    * Write software better, faster, and more predictably.
    * Reduce the number of defects in the code you ship.
    * Improve the flexibility and design of your software.
    * Respond to change requests and market needs economically.
    * *Save valuable time and money throughout your project!*

It doesn't matter what process or technologies you're currently using, 
or what type of application you're delivering, these three practices are 
critical to your success!

      Learn More!

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