SPUG: Meeting REMINDER -- Starting with Perl & Subverting CVS - 17 May 2005

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Mon May 16 15:17:11 PDT 2005

So, like, all of three people have RSVPed (Robert F., Eric P., & Adam M.)
so far. That means there won't be any competition for the free books I'm
bringing with me to give away (because there's no way I'm giving a book to
someone that didn't RSVP).

- Perl Core Language, 2nd Ed, Holzner
- Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials, 2nd Ed, Randal, Sugalski, & Totsch
- Perl Cookbook, 2nd Ed, Christiansen & Torkington
- Several copies of Make magazine, 1st issue

And... I'm not sure if I'll really give it away. I was really hoping MJD
would send me a free copy of his new book, Higher-Order Perl. But I never
heard back. So I ended up buying my own copy. But if it would get a
written review out of someone, I could be tempted to let it go. I'm not

On Tue, 10 May 2005, Andrew Sweger wrote:

>          May 2005 Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG) Meeting
>          ================================================
>        Title: Starting with Perl
>      Speaker: Duane Blanchard
>        Title: Subverting CVS
>      Speaker: Andrew Sweger
> Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 
> Meeting Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (networking 6:30 - 7:00)
>     Location: Amazon.com Pac-Med Building
>         Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public
>         Info: http://seattleperl.org/
>              ===========================================
> Please join me Tuesday evening on 17 May 2005 at the regular monthly
> meeting of the Seattle Perl Users Group. Thanks go to Ali Rizvi for
> arranging the meeting location this month. We still need more Amazon.com
> Perl fans to join the group that can help make sure SPUG has a top-quality
> meeting location each month.
> I've got a small pile of wonderful books to give away.
> I'm sure there's something important I'm forgetting now.
> Please RSVP as soon as you can. See below.
> See below for more information on...
>     - Agenda
>     - Speaker Background
>     - Presentation Description
>     - RSVP
>     - Pre-meeting Dinner
>     - Internet Access at Meeting (WiFi!)
>     - PGP/GnuPG Key Exchange
>     - Directions to Meeting
>     - Directions from Meeting
> Agenda
> ======
>     7:00 - Meeting begins
>            Announcements
>            Give-aways
>            PGP/GnuPG Key Exchange
>     7:15 - Presentation: Starting with Perl
>     8:00 - Break
>     8:10 - Presentation: Subverting CVS
>     8:50 - Cleanup
>            Final Questions
>     9:00 - Adjourn
> Speaker Background
> ==================
> Duane Blanchard
> ---------------
> Duane is a recent recipient of a masters degree in linguistics from the
> University of Washington and an experienced web developer.
> Andrew Sweger
> -------------
> Andrew Sweger is a Perl programmer and Unix system administrator with over
> a decade of experience and proprietor of Addnorya technology consulting in
> Seattle, Washington. He uses Debian as a foundation for his projects,
> enjoys introducing others to the wonders of Subversion, and loves solving
> complex problems by leveraging Free software. He also enjoys carpentry,
> woodworking, model trains, sailing, good wine, great beer, even better
> scotch, and almost anything with blinking lights (as long as they're not
> chasing him).
> Presentation Description
> ========================
> Starting with Perl
> ------------------
> Duane will give an introduction to some of the most powerful data
> structures known to man: The Perl Scalar, The Perl Array, and The Perl
> Hash. But with great power comes great responsibility. He will also show
> when it is safe to use each and how The Dynamic Trio can be combined to
> exhibit their Extraordinary Super Powers (that's ESP, kids).
> He will also show how to read and write files.
> Subverting CVS
> --------------
> Andrew will demonstrate how frighteningly simple it can be to convert your
> CVS repository to Subversion (aka SVN), the new compelling replacement for
> CVS. And then he'll show you how to clean up the mess you just made.
> ====
> Please send email to rsvp-may-2005 at seattleperl.org if there's a 50% chance
> or better that you will show up at the meeting. We need this information
> to let building security know how many guest badges to prepare (they are
> dated for the event). Wow, email. Now that's hi-tech!
> Pre-meeting Dinner
> ==================
> No plans. Feel free to instantiate an instance via the mailing list.
> Internet Access at Meeting
> ==========================
> A link to the Internet will be provided at the meeting (provided you have
> suitable equipment). Tables, power strips, and Ethernet hubs will be
> available in limited quantity. 802.11g WiFi will be available. Please use
> the SSID: SPUG. The beacon will be broadcasting. No WEP/WPA. Please note
> that the provided network services are _not_ secure. As I'm sure most of
> you know, it is a trivial matter to "sniff" network traffic. Please use a
> secure application encryption protocol or other secure VPN solution to
> protect sensitive information. Use of the the provided network services is
> at your own risk. Be a good network citizen. The network services are
> provided gratis by our hosts. Access can be revoked at any time without
> prior notification.
> PGP/GnuPG Key Exchange
> ======================
> If you want to exchange PGP/GnuPG signatures, please contact me directly
> with your public key (now!) and I'll bring fingerprint checklists for
> participants. Contact me if you want to know more. Oh, and you have to
> show up at the meeting to exchange ID's and all that, please. Otherwise
> this whole key exchange thing doesn't work.
> Directions to Meeting
> =====================
> Our meeting will take place at the Amazon.com headquarters at 1200 12th
> Ave S, Seattle, Washington.
> Please let me know if you find errors or a better route. Thanks.
> I-5 (from North or South)
> -------------------------
> On I-5, take the S Dearborn St exit and turn West on Dearborn (I-5
> Southbound: turn right; I-5 Northbound: turn left) and proceed
> approximately one or two blocks.
> Turn right on 8th Ave S (the first light) and proceed North for three
> blocks.
> Turn right on S King St and proceed East for approximately five
> blocks. You will pass under I-5.
> Turn right on 12th Ave S and proceed South for approximately five blocks.
> Along this way, you will cross over the Dr. Jose P. Rizal bridge and you
> should see the Pac-Med tower directly ahead.
> At this point, notice that you have been going in a circle.
> Skip to Pac-Med Building below.
> I-90 (from East)
> ----------------
> On I-90, take the Rainier Ave S (hwy 900) exit Northbound and proceed
> approximately six blocks.
> Turn left on S King St and proceed West for approximately two blocks.
> Turn left on 12th Ave S and proceed South for approximately five blocks.
> Along this way, you will cross over the Dr. Jose P. Rizal bridge and you
> should see the Pac-Med tower directly ahead.
> Pac-Med Building
> ----------------
> Turn right at Charles St (the light after the bridge). The Amazon.com
> Pac-Med building is visible ahead and on the left as you make the turn and
> proceed South on Charles (Charles borders the West side of the
> building).
> The North parking lot entrance will be the second drive way on the left
> (the first has a Do Not Enter sign). The parking lot is on the left just
> past the parking attendant booth. The "carpool only" spaces should be okay
> to park in after 6:30.
> Walk to the South entrance of the tower. There is stair next to the
> parking garage structure that leads to a convenient path that goes around
> the building to the main entrance on the South side of the building.
> Enter building and go to the security desk. Sign in and wait to be
> escorted to the meeting room (just like when we met at Safeco in the
> U-district, more or less).
> Google Maps:
>   http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1200%2012th%20ave%20s%2C%20seattle%2C%20wa&spn=0.017365%2C0.032945
> Directions from Meeting
> =======================
> Getting Back Onto I-5 Southbound
> --------------------------------
> Although there is an I-5 northbound exit at S Dearborn St, there is no
> entrance back onto southbound I-5 at Dearborn. So don't bother trying to
> simply go back the same way you came.
> Exit the Pac-Med parking lot on the East side of building (this is Golf Dr
> S) and turn right. Bear left onto 15th Ave S (the right fork is 14th Ave
> S. Proceed approximately 1.5 miles. Turn right on S Spokane St and go down
> steep hill. Turn right at light and follow signs to I-5 southbound.
> If you exit the Pac-Med parking lot on the West side of the building, turn
> right on 12th Ave S and then right again on Golf Dr S (the light is the
> one at the South end of the Dr. Jose P. Rizal bridge). Continue as above.
> Technically, there's another way onto I-5 SB, but it involves some other
> crazy route that I'm not going to provide here.
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