SPUG: Perl Question?

James Moore james at banshee.com
Wed May 11 14:12:36 PDT 2005

For this whole thread I have to admit that I've been thinking people are
wasting their time trying to figure ways around using a real mutex facility
that's supported by the operating system.  Surely the answer is that you
should use the CPAN module that encapsulates this in some reasonably elegant
way, right?

Problem is that I can't find it.  Is there such a beast?  Seems like an
obvious need.  Candidates like Win32::Mutex fail for obvious reasons.
IPC::Semaphore seems like it'd be the right tool for the job, but despite
the name it doesn't appear to be portable ("SysV Semaphore IPC object class"
pretty much takes it out of contention).  What am I missing?

 - James

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