SPUG: Stas Bekman, Seattle, August 2005

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Wed May 4 08:54:50 PDT 2005

The Seattle Perl Users Group is pleased to announce[0] that Stas Bekman[1]
of mod_perl[2] fame will be visiting Seattle from 6 August to 8 August. He
will be giving a public presentation on mod_perl the evening of 8 August.
There will be opportunities for folks to meet Stas and talk to him during
several activities planned throughout the weekend.

Hitting the ball out of the park for us is WhitePages.com[3], your single
best source for finding and managing contact information on the Internet
and the leading independent provider of online directory assistance
services has graciously offered to help cover the cost of Stas' visit.
WhitePages.com handles nearly nine million page views per day by utilizing
mod_perl, the persistent Perl engine inside Apache. A warm Thank You from
all SPUGgers to WhitePages.com Inc. for helping us make this happen.

Further announcements, including details of specific events, will be made
in July. Information will be added to a web page[4] as it becomes

[0] - standard disclaimers apply, entropy happens
[1] - http://stason.org/
[2] - http://perl.apache.org/
[3] - http://whitepages.com/   (I'll bet you guessed that one)
[4] - http://seattleperl.org/event/20050808_stas_bekman.html

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