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Brian Hatch bri at ifokr.org
Thu Mar 24 11:56:29 PST 2005

> It seems promising but when I asked one of my Perl Guru friends here is what he has to say:
> I was under the impression that bitkeeper was better: 
> http://www.bitkeeper.com/Comparisons.Subversion.html 

Depends on if you like control of your repository.  BitKeeper has
had numerous licensing issues.  It's not Open Source.  Subversion

> but I think either of three works fine.  Versioning is over-rated and should be transparent.

Mount the Subversion repository via https w/ web_dav.  Voila,

I've got subversion in use extensively at the office, and it has
been able to support everything we needed of it.  Access from
windows boxes?  How's TortiousSVN (windows shell extension)
or web_dav, or just viewing the most recent version in IE?

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