SPUG: Calendar/scheduling system

Ron Pero spug at magnadev.com
Thu Mar 24 11:14:16 PST 2005

This is probably a bit off topic, but I think someone here may have an
answer for me.

On short notice, I need to install a mockup of a calendar/scheduling
system that does this:
* Different calendars for different locations. Each location would have
its own administrator who can edit anything on their own calendar.
* Users, the public, would select a location, which would take them to
that particular calendar. There the person would select a date, then a
time, and sign up for that time slot. An email would be sent to the

There certainly must be excellent applications like this available, only
I don't yet know of them and am under a time crunch.

I'd certainly appreciate any recommendations anyone would care to make.
(Email me off list if you think that is more appropriate.)

Thank you,

Ron Pero

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