SPUG: One-liners on Windows via command.com

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Wed Mar 23 12:54:08 PST 2005

One word-- cygwin.

I just run all my Perl programs under bash (and/or XEmacs). I've always just accepted that cmd.exe is damaged goods.

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> Subject: SPUG: One-liners on Windows via command.com
> Can somebody give me pointers on how to modify Unix-ish one-liners
> to work on Windows systems?
> For example, this works on UNIX/Linux, because the single quotes (SQs)
> are recognized as forming a literal string out of their contents, 
> which gets passed as an argument to the command:
> perl -wle 'print "Crikey";'	
> On Win/XP, the same command elicits this Perl error:
> C:\ perl -wle 'print "Crikey";'	
> Can't find string terminator "'" anywhere before EOF at -e line 1.
> I had expected some indication that command.com wouldn't know what
> to do with the SQ, as opposed to an indication that Perl only got
> a single one in -e's argument!  Can somebody explain what SQs do in
> this shell?
> On the other hand, I find that DQs as exterior quotes work fine
> (on XP), and the backslash even appears to quote nested DQs, as
> it does in the Unix shells:
> C:\ perl -wle "print \"Crikey\";"	
> and qq operator works:
> C:\ perl -wle "print qq{Crikey};"	
> as does the arguably more appropriate q operator:
> C:\ perl -wle "print q{Crikey};"	
> or the SQ itself:
> C:\ perl -wle "print 'Crikey';"	
> So now I'm wondering, do DQs in this shell allow any interpolations? 
> If so, what Perl symbols would need to be quoted to suppress that?
> Where does one get documentation on the workings of this shell?
> "man perlport" provides lots of info on modifying Perl programs
> /themselves/ for portability, but it has virtually nothing to say
> on the subject of passing Perl code as a command-line argument.
> Can somebody point me to their favorite tutorial covering the use
> of command-line Perl techniques with Win32 systems?
> TIA,
> -Tim
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