SPUG: Opportunity - Perl on Windows, MySQL/DBI errors

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Thu Mar 17 12:48:12 PST 2005

I'm looking to hire a consultant for the solution if this is complicated.

 >Unsupported driver MT::ObjectDriver::DBI::mysql: DBI object version 1.45
 >does not match $DBI::VERSION 1.40 at C:/Perl/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 253

I migrated to a new W2k advanced server machine and have never been able to
restore my Movable Type v2.51 installation.  I loaded Activestate's 5.8.4,
the new DBI doesn't match the old MT perl code which requires 5.0005 (or
later?) and dbi 1.40.  That is...after using ppm install dbi I see an error
about how the code is calling for dbi-1.40 and doesn't match the
dbi-1.45  just installed.  This is a windows 2000 advanced server and I
always get DBI-1.45 no matter what repository I point to.  I'm over my
head, but I think I may need to back peddle to an older version of perl and
dbi to get this old MT system to work.

Yours truly,

John Marston
(253) 472-2986

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