SPUG: Impromptu Linux Lunch

Jay Scherrer jay at scherrer.com
Wed Jun 29 17:57:18 PDT 2005

I don't know if we still do impromptu Linux lunches, But I have a place,
and they serve great lunches. 
The place is at the Seattle Senior Center 
525 N 85th Seattle, Wa. <http://greenwoodseniorcenter.org>. The cost of
the lunch is only $3.00 please call ahead if your coming. But thats not
all, We have been trying to set up a central file server using Samba on
Fedora core 3. I am having a heck of a time figuring wins and winbind.
If we could get some advice on my configurations it would be most
appreciative. The Greenwood Senior Center is a designated public
Internet access point and is complete with a computer lab set up for the
public use (Thats us). The only problem is that they all run windows 95
- 2000's. 
If I don't get this server up they are thinking of installing WIN 2003.

So if you can Help out and can stay for a good lunch I'll be there at
about 9:30AM.
Below is some ideas they have that need to be addressed.
Greenwood Senior Center – Computing  - Director’s Task List

     1. Get Computer Lab printer working so the lab users can use it. 
     2. Arrange more computer classes for the members. 
     3. Come up with plan for spending $2000.  Technology budget this
     4. Arrange for some one with computer skills to provide assistance
        in computer lab to members. 
     5. Upgrade website. 
     6. Come up with plan for new membership cards. 
     7. Acquire and setup two new office computers in the reception
     8. Build an inventory database to inventory the center property. 
     9. Build a computing inventory (hardware, software). 
    10. Extend membership database to support reporting to city and
        county on usage and demographics. 
    11. Come up with a data collection method for center and program
        attendance such as bar codes or magnetic stripe.

In addition, other computing tasks

     1. Finish setting up Samba to allow central login, file sharing,
        and print serving. 
     2. Mount computers and net gear in rack. 
     3. Configure second Linux machine as backup. 
     4. Setup file backup and recovery system and procedures. 
     5. Document system and passwords. 
     6. Setup office windows machines to use common login and file
        sharing.  Train users.

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