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Mike McLaughlin mike at planetudes.com
Sat Jun 11 19:21:06 PDT 2005

Imagine how much cheaper and quicker it would be if they didn't use
MS-word.  I am anouncing now that I refuse to deal with a publisher who
not only uses MS-word but then complains that it takes too long and has to
charge extra.

Tim Maher said:
> Fellow SPUGsters,
> Many have been wondering about the current status of my book called
> "Minimal Perl: for UNIX & Linux people", so here's a quick update.
> The (multi-stage) review process was completed a while ago, the
> final modifications have been made, and we're currently working
> on the "typesetting".
> There have been some unexpected delays in this last phase, having to
> do with the reluctance of documents based on a combination of POD,
> troff, and tbl to being converted to MS-Word, but we expect the Ebook
> (i.e., the electronic edition) to become available in late July, and
> the paper version to be available in late August.
> The publisher has set up a mailing list for those who want to be notified
> when the Ebook and paper editions become available, which you can join by
> clicking on "Want to Stay in Touch" at the book's web site,
> http://www.manning.com/maher
> -Tim
> P.S.  The price shown on the web-site is a "worst-case estimate", and
> will probably come down once we determine the actual page-count, which
> could be considerably smaller after the conversion to Word is finished.
> If you or your colleagues are interested in any of our 2+ dozen courses
> on UNIX, Linux, or Perl topics, let us know and we'll be happy to consider
> presenting them in public or on-site offerings to suit your needs.
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>         http://www.consultix-inc.com/on-site.html
> Course Listings:
>         Perl,       http://TeachMePerl.com/perllist.html
>         UNIX/Shell, http://TeachMeUnix.com/unixlist.html
> Instructor Evaluations: http://www.consultix-inc.com/evals.html
>     Course Evaluations: http://www.consultix-inc.com/course_evals.html
> -Tim
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