SPUG: Get the local IP address?

Jay Scherrer jay at scherrer.com
Wed Jul 20 16:23:50 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 15:27 -0700, Atom Powers wrote:
> On 7/20/05, Bill Campbell <bill at celestial.com> wrote:
> > I handle this with a module I wrote that scans the output of the ifconfig
> > command with appropriate conversions based on the underlying OS.
> > 
> I was hoping to avoid parsing ifconfig. But I haven't found any other way.
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I have been working with one script called "dnswalk-2.0.2" by David Barr
<barr at cis.ohio-state.edu>. This script is built upon NET::DNS. This perl
script is meant for debugging DNS entries through to sub-domains.
Although the latest release is 1997 it still works and it might be what
your looking for to decipher ip addresses. 

Jay Scherrer

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