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Thu Jul 14 17:17:19 PDT 2005

The focus of the project is to upgrade the Perl scripts within a Windows
based mail system environment to perform the following functions:

 - Create/delete aliases for mail gateways to use based on
   PeopleSoft data.
 - Create/delete aliases from the forwarding system for users,
   contacts, DL's.
 - Create/delete user accounts on Exchange 5.5 before migration, and
   Exchange 2003 after migration.
 - Balance new accounts across several separate message stores; create
   balance method to be flexible and easily replaceable for planned
   future evolution.
 - Modify email/AD accounts and update GAL and folders as necessary due
   to account changes, deletions, change of status.
 - Manage creation, deletion, and changes of non-person or group
   accounts updating GAL as appropriate.

The project includes Perl script development, testing, and modification
as required to perform outlined functions.

Note, more info available, if interested!!

 - Contract, Start Immediately/ASAP
 - 6-8 weeks, $65/hour
 - No stock options or other incentives
 - 1099, corporations okay
 - As a subcontractor, working directly with a company on a project
 - Seattle WA
 - Telecommuting okay, but onsite time definitely required throughout
 - The company is in the field of healthcare, research.
Kory G. Smith
Manager of Network Services

Seitel Leeds & Associates
We Make Networks Work
2 Nickerson Street, Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 832-2820 Network Services
(206) 283-4355 Reception
(206) 283-4258 Fax
ksmith at sla.com

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