SPUG: Regular Expression

aaron salo aaron at activox.com
Thu Jul 7 13:38:37 PDT 2005

William T wrote:

>I've only every used 'perldoc perlre'.  It is a reference and a bit terse, but I
>don't think that I've ever needed to look elsewhere.
And just to address any lurkers who may be at the completely opposite 
end of the spectrum from the core Friedl demographic, if you're just 
starting to get your feet wet in this stuff I can highly recommend 
*ahem* Perl for Dummies, by Paul Hoffman, *ISBN:* 0-7645-3750-4.

If you are coming to Perl from another so-called language, or just need 
enough info to get your motor started, this book will get the job done 
to teach you basic regex, including matching, replacements, etc -- as 
well as some very clear simple info on other perlish ops, probably 
enough for you to figure out the rest through experimentation as you 
travel towards Conwayism.

I have handed out dozens of copies of this book to people of various 
backgrounds over the years and still see the dogeared copies on their 
bookshelves with legions of sticky notes wedged into the pages. Good 
simple quick reference. No animals were harmed in making this 


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