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Bill Campbell bill at celestial.com
Thu Jul 7 12:08:20 PDT 2005

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005, aaron salo wrote:
>John Costello wrote:
>>If you are in the Seattle area, Seattle Public Library has two copies 
>>for check out (though both currently are checked out).

>They should send someone to the homes of the borrowers to make sure they
>are not head-butting walls in a fugue state. The book is unquestionably the
>authoritative work on the subject, and unlikely ever to be equalled, but
>has the power to destroy strong minds. I suggest a twenty page per day
>limit, and never operate heavy machinery while under the influence of Mr.

Another book that's well worth reading is ``Unix Text Processing''
by Dale Dogherty and Tim O'Reilly.  It has excellent information
on many *nix utilities including about the only thing I ever
understood on using the advanced features of ``sed'' (which I didn't
need much after learning perl :-).

There's a pretty good section on regular expressions in the
chapter on ``vi''.  Perl regular expressions have a fair number
of extensions since this was written (e.g. \d as shorthand for
the digits [0-9], etc.), but I still found this helpful.

This book is available for free download from O'Reilly.

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