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DeRykus, Charles E charles.e.derykus at boeing.com
Thu Jul 7 12:04:17 PDT 2005

I've experienced the "fugue" state you mention ... 

Although I have the 1st edition,  I limit my time with the 2nd ed.
to 10 minute forays at the University Book Store :).  As I recall
there's a good explanation of the (?{ code }) construct among other
things. Definitely a good buy  (er, borrow)...

Charles DeRykus

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John Costello wrote:

>If you are in the Seattle area, Seattle Public Library has two copies 
>for check out (though both currently are checked out).
They should send someone to the homes of the borrowers to make sure they
are not head-butting walls in a fugue state. The book is unquestionably
the authoritative work on the subject, and unlikely ever to be equalled,
but has the power to destroy strong minds. I suggest a twenty page per
day limit, and never operate heavy machinery while under the influence
of Mr. Friedl.


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