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Thanks for one of the best presentations I've seen at SPUG.  You did a 
great job of covering newbies, intermediates, and advanced listeners, 
making sure that each group got something, and that most groups got much 
more.  A good set of perspectives, too --  academic intro, user-centered 
middle, behind-the-covers closing.  And what a great new (OK, old) way to 
think and program.  It really opened a new world for me.  Most of 
programming is held up by a framework of the control structures that we're 
familiar with.  This, being a different control structure, lets us think 
differently.  It reminds me very much of a quote card that I hand out in 
many of the programming language classes I teach:
Language shapes the way we think,
and determines what we can think about.
   -- B. L. Whorf
     -- as quoted in the Preface to the First Edition of
        "The C++ Programming Language", Bjarne Stroustrup
By adding something to the language, you've added something different to 
think about.

Thanks again for a GREAT presentation,
Michael Wolf

Michael R. Wolf
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