SPUG: The SPUG Report, 15 February 2005

John Costello cos at indeterminate.net
Wed Feb 16 09:16:45 PST 2005

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Andrew Sweger wrote:
[Andrew yells.]

I am still newbie-ish enough that I would have loved to show, but wedding 
plans are sucking my time.  Yes, the announcement was a bit late, but it 
was a great idea.  I would be interested in this format popping up again, 
say after April. :^)

> I asked if anyone has been using Class::DBI [2]. Looks grand. But I wanted
> to hear war stories.


> Then I showed off this crazy book library application that only works on
> Mac OS X and a cool Bluetooth barcode scanner and how I made my own
> barcode series and labels for tracking boxes of junk around my house.
> It'll use Perl someday. No, really.

AAUUUUGGGHHHH.  Something like that has been in the back of my brain for a 
while, though I hadn't put Bluetooth in the mix.  What is it written in?  
How do I persuade you to port it or recruit myself to put it in Perl?  
(Cripes, I haven't even looked to see if Bluetooth devices work under 
> Then a discussion of King County Council erupted on how they've all come
> down with insanity. Too bad Chubby & Tubby is gone. We could get a great
> deal on pitchforks.
> Thanks and good night. Next month we might have a presentation on debugging
> running mod_perl code in Apache.

That sounds interesting.

Thanks for posting the notes.
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