SPUG: A Special Holiday Offer from O'Reilly

John Costello cos at indeterminate.net
Wed Dec 7 15:48:58 PST 2005

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Bill Campbell wrote:
> Actually, I got a copy of my grandmother's book from Alibris
> after finding it on bookfinder.com.
> >UW doesn't have it, and I'm going to call Elliott Bay before making a trip 
> >downtown.  Otherwise, I'll go with Powells.  (Bookpool has it listed as 
> >out of stock, though cheaper; Powells has some in stock.  Thanks for the 
> >tip on bookpool.  Good to know another resource.) 
> While I love Powells, and have to spend an afternoon there every time I'm
> in Portland, I do find their prices on technical books fairly high in
> comparison with bookpool.  At least one doesn't pay the Legal Looters when
> buying from Powells or bookpool which gives them some advantage over Amazon
> for Washington State residents.

They don't seem to have as many used tech books online as I recall, though 
that could be my imagination.  I was hoping to get a cheaper-than-new copy 
of the book, and alibris has 10 available from New Jersey.  I agree that 
Powells prices are not encouraging on the tech side.

I'm still "discovering" Seattle's brick-and-mortar bookshops.  Is there a 
local bookshop that has a reputation as a good resource for tech books?

> Bill

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