SPUG: Next SPUG meeting in Seattle and Bellevue Daytime Meeting

kevin-spug@fink.com kevin-spug at fink.com
Tue Dec 6 19:27:56 PST 2005

> From Colin Meyer:
> WhitePages.com
> Rainier Tower
> 4th & University
> The downsides are:
>  . street parking is slightly difficult
>  . no public internet
>  . conference room only holds 15 comfortably

A slight correction - there is limited public Internet access - no
wireless, but the conference room we'd use does have a couple of network
ports that are outside of our firewall.  That room also has a workstation
with Internet access that any of the WhitePages folks can log into for
display purposes (it displays on a rear-projection screen on one wall).

Kevin (also of WhitePages.com) Fink

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